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In-depth understanding of our clients' business workflows, structures, and decision-making processes allows Wood Mackenzie to deliver relevant and reliable analysis across every sector. In addition our Consulting team are able to offer support to help you address specific business challenges.


Whether you're evaluating deals in the Lower 48, gas and power trends in Mexico, or copper mine growth in Iran, benchmarking is essential to earning solid returns. What does this mean for Institutional Investors?
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Exploration & Production

In an exploration climate marked by billions in capex cuts and Lower 48 rig count at an all-time low, time is of the essence when it comes to upstream business decisions. From geography and infrastructure to well costs and corporate profiles, it's all here, waiting to help you break through.
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Technical Services

Which projects should you pursue? Where is profit most likely? Find out who is developing, which fields will break even, and where capex is being focused, so you can choose your next projects with strategic focus.
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