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Work faster and accelerate decision-making

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Work faster and accelerate decision-making

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Improve performance and make better data-driven decisions

Lens is our new cloud-based platform offering quality data and capabilities on an integrated, easy to use interface. Powered by Amazon Web Services, the secure and scalable architecture delivers modular solutions purpose-built for high-value workflows across the natural resources value chain.

Access, analyse and model data in every major commodity, in every market, in ways you have never been able to do before. Lens allows you to easily interact with data and visualisations to find the answers you need in a fraction of the time.  

  • Build custom visualisations
  • Group and interrogate data sets
  • Model on the fly
  • Filter and zoom with map layers
  • Create tailored reports
  • Replicate past workflows
  • Save templates and views
  • Seamless

    user experience

  • Real-time

    access to data

  • Flexible

    and transparent

  • Modular

    workflow-based solutions

Lens is the quickest route to high performance.

Click the above image to see how Lens helps you work faster, gain greater insights and make decisions that deliver more value.

Zero in on the insights you need with Lens

  • Target growth opportunities and develop sustainable strategies
  • Determine short-term and long-term investments and maximise commercial advantage 
  • Forecast demand, supply, costs and prices and optimise profitability
  • Identify disruptive trends and adapt to market conditions
  • Benchmark peers and assess competitors

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Work faster and accelerate decision-making