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Well Evaluator

Lower 48 well-level solution

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Perform unconventional asset valuation and basin/play intelligence workflows faster and make better data driven decisions.

Simplify well analysis and improve performance

Accessing accurate data on well design and performance used to be time consuming, costly and unreliable. 

Delivered on Wood Mackenzie Lens, our advanced data analytics platform, the well evaluator solution saves you time validating type curves and benchmarking well performance in North America. Quickly develop granular forecasts and valuations, assess investment opportunities and identify the assets that meet your criteria.

Type curve modelling workflow

Your challenge:

What type well is indicative of well performance and completion design in the asset?

The solution:

Batch generate and edit custom calculations for comparison. 

  • Caluculate multiple type curves simultaneously
  • Modify decline curve parameters 
  • Save and compare type curves
  • Create type curves by reservoir, operator, completion design, etc.

Well performance and completion benchmarking workflow

Your challenge:

How do our wells compare to peers? What is the optimal completion design? Which wells are outliers? How have well costs evolved over time?

The solution:

Interact with data and visualisations to understand peer performance and more.

  • Create custom bins
  • Generate multi-variable analysis
  • Perform rate vs time analysis
  • Compare cumulative production rates

Features at a glance

The solution provides a seamless interface and visualisations that allows you to quickly access and interrogate 'analysis ready' well data. Save time generating type curves, understanding well design and production trends and benchmarking operators in a play.

  • Production, permit, completion and cost data integrated into a single data set
  • Surface and bottomhole coordinates
  • Lease-to-well and cumulative-to-monthly production allocation
  • Incremental cumulative volumes (30-, 60-, 90-, 180- and 365-day rates)
  • Decline curve parameters at the well level –  IP rates, EURs, decline factors
  • Ability to batch generate and edit type curves
  • Granular frac stage and cost data
  • Advanced completion benchmarking and type curve calculation functionality
  • 3,500,000

    wells with data coverage

  • 100,000+

    wells with proppant and fluid data

  • 80,000+

    wells with cost analysis

  • 60,000+

    wells with frac stage data

Want to see more?

Learn how our solution provides the answers to your workflow questions quicker and easier than competitive offerings.

We'll show you how to:

  • Screen for areas where enhanced completion design improves performance
  • Run different scenarios and determine the impact on asset value
  • Build and easily update custom benchmarking reports
  • Compare well design & performance against peers
  • And much more!

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