The Stress Test by Wood Mackenzie

The podcast where our leading researchers defend their biggest ideas

Why listen to Wood Mackenzie's Stress Test? 

What if the energy transition accelerates? What if electric vehicle battery technology stalls? In Wood Mackenzie's Stress Test, we challenge Wood Mackenzie’s most experienced researchers to defend their big ideas.

How will their predictions hold up to some highly possible and some very leftfield what-if scenarios? Listen to Wood Mackenzie’s Stress Test to find out.

What is Wood Mackenzie's Stress Test about?

Each episode runs an average of 30 minutes, never more than 45. It includes:

  • Under pressure: Our expert guest's on-the-spot reaction to this week's big story
  • The Stress Test: Where one of our panel of hosts puts our guest researcher's latest big idea to the test
  • The ones to watch: Our guest identifies the ones to watch – the technology, policies, players and more that could change the course of events in the future of natural resources 

Please note: Detailed show notes are published following each episode of the podcast. You can view the entire archive of show notes below.

Wood Mackenzie's Energy Stress Test

Important notes

  • Wood Mackenzie's Energy Stress Test is typically published once a month, but this depends on the publication schedule of our stable of experts. If you subscribe through your usual podcast player, you'll be notified of new episodes. 
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How do I subscribe?

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