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Quantify how demand for aromatics will evolve in established and emerging markets as demand shifts and new production comes onstream.


The low oil price has spurred demand for benzene, toluene and xylenes, but supply has been tight. China has dominated demand, importing ever greater quantities from the Middle East and Asia. But new Chinese domestic paraxylene production promises to transform global trade patterns when it comes onstream. With capacity in development in the Middle East too, how should companies position themselves to target opportunities? What trends will disrupt aromatics markets in the long term?

What is our Aromatics suite?

Benefit from insight on the latest feedstock prices together with experienced commercial knowledge to help your business grow.

Make key decisions for your business development and build strategic plans with our proprietary analysis which spans all of the major aromatic feedstocks and their production chains. These include:

  • 8

    World-class aromatic services

  • 3

    global reporting regions

  • 30+

    years of trusted, proprietary data

Designed to help you

  • Gain insight into how the aromatics production mix will evolve
  • Understand the implications for feedstocks and end product markets
  • Review market fundamentals worldwide
  • Access the latest pricing data 
  • Screen for investment opportunities 
  • Discover information on policy, regulation, prices and infrastructure
  • Explore an integrated view with our olefins analysis and upstream date
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