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Demand for manmade and natural fibres is growing in many end-uses, which are all around us. Explore how the different fibre types can be used to meet the market’s diverse needs across the world.


Robust fibres demand is driven by the improved purchasing power of a growing global population. Polyester meets a significant share of this need, but demand for other fibre types is expanding fast too.

Filament demand is growing more rapidly than staple, driven by apparel markets and technical applications. Technical fibre demand is diversifying into polyesters, polyamides, cellulosics, aramids and olefin-based products too. 

Sustainability is now fundamental to the fibres industry, with new techniques developing towards a truly circular economy.

How can companies target new opportunities? What are the trends that will shape fibres markets in the long term?

What is our Fibres suite?

Our complete fibres services provide you with a combination of commercial data, historic pricing, price discovery and strategic insight for all the major man-made and synthetic fibres.

Read specialist insight on technical fibres, topical subjects like recycling and sustainability, plus news on trade legislation and its impact on costs. Including:

  • Weekly, monthly and annual subscription services covering the major manmade and natural fibres
  • Regular reports on trends or themes to support your commercial and strategic decision making
  • Independent, confidential, bespoke consultancy services
  • Dedicated online data platform with long-term supply/demand data, pricing and the PCI Synthetic Fibres Index
  • 7

    fibre types analysed

  • 64+

    global markets included in regular reports

  • 30+

    years of trusted, proprietary data

Designed to help you

  • Explore essential insight into polyester, cotton, viscose, nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, spandex and wool.
  • Discover the latest global market prices for filament and fibres.
  • Review 30 years of historical price data combined with the latest information on raw materials and related products, including forecasts.
  • Gain insight into how the fibres mix will evolve to meet the changing needs of textile production
  • Understand the impact of fibres demand on upstream polymers markets
  • Explore the corporate landscape and identify leading companies
  • Discover information on trade policy and how it relates to regional demand
Polyester production process

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