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Understand the landscape for manmade and natural fibres and explore how different fibre types can be used to meet the global needs.

Gain invaluable insight into the evolving dynamics of the fibres market

Robust fibres demand is driven by the improved purchasing power of a growing global population. Polyester meets a significant share of this need, but demand for other fibre types is expanding fast too.

Our complete fibres services provide you with a combination of commercial data, historic pricing, price discovery and strategic insight for all the major synthetic and natural fibres,  helping yarn producers, spinners and weavers and buyers, throughout the chain, make the right decisions about global markets.

Features at a glance

Access the most trusted insights into wool, cotton, viscose, acrylic, nylon, spandex and polyester prices, historical and forecasted, plus data on raw materials and related products, such as technical fibres, recycling and sustainability.

Fibres Global Supply Demand Report

The report provides unrivalled detail, data and analysis on global textile industry from 1990 to the end of the previous year, with estimates for the current year and forecasts up to 2030.

Covering all the major synthetic fibres (polyester, cellulosics, polypropylene, nylon, and acrylic) and natural fibres (cotton and wool), the report includes:

  • Capacity data for polyester, nylon and acrylic is detailed, totalling over 2,500 entries
  • Production and trade data from official and industry sources that have been checked in the market
  • A review of fibre demand, into applications from apparel to geotextiles, is presented at the industry level as textile mill consumption and at the consumer level as final
  • An up-to-date review of the market for textile fibres presents final demand for wool, cotton and manufactured fibres (MMF).
  • Textile mill consumption data for MMF, and further detail on synthetic fibres acrylic, nylon and polyester showing country production and company capacity estimates
  • Fifteen global regions are considered with detail on Canada, China, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA national markets

Fibres Global Monthly Market Overview

Providing a detailed and granular overview of the global textile industry for textile fibres, this overview features:

  • Raw materials commentary with information on recent market developments in the principal feedstocks for polyester, nylon, acrylic, cellulosic and PP fibres (especially PTA, MEG, caprolactam, propylene and dissolving wood pulp) plus PTMEG for spandex
  • The latest regional prices for feedstocks and fibres
  • Regional updates for Asia/Far East, the USA, Latin America and West Europe covering polyester, nylon, acrylic, viscose, wool, cotton and spandex
  • Price tables for nearly 50 fibre products
  • Price tendencies for polyester filament and fibres, as well as broad economic, trade, production and price data

Technical Fibres Global Monthly Market Overview

The Technical Fibres Global Monthly Market Overview provides detailed data and analysis, including regular coverage of the automotive and tyre industries.

There are regular updates of the markets and prices for the main fibre raw materials, high tenacity filament yarn and tyrecord yarn. This report also contains a monthly summary of company news.

Synthetic Fibres Index

The Synthetic Fibres Index is produced monthly and tracks relative prices for the major synthetic fibres. It takes a weighted basket of textile prices for acrylic, nylon, polyester and polypropylene filament yarns and staple fibres for Asia/Far East on a CFR basis and the USA and West Europe on a delivered basis.

Fibres Asia Weekly Market Overview

This overview describes key changes and provides insight on a weekly basis. It covers the major price trends for polyester raw materials and the major polyester fibre types. It also offers an indication on how cotton (still 25% of world fibre demand) is moving on the International and Chinese markets.

Textile Pipelines 

These reports examine ad-hoc topics of current interest, and how world-wide events affect the fibres’ landscapes across the globe.

Single Customer Consultancy

We also offer bespoke reports and studies to shed commercial or strategic light on particular aspects of the market including:

  • Country reports
  • Product market and pricing reviews
  • Specific producer / consumer analysis (benchmarking, production economics)
Designed to help you:
  • Understand the global and regional supply/demand outlook of synthetic and natural fibres
  • Assess consumer demand and textile mill consumption data
  • Understand the impact of global and regional trends, issues, and government policies on the fibre world
  • Identify growth opportunities for your business