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Olefins markets are booming. Understand the bigger picture with our integrated products and services that span the major chemistries.


The low oil price, increasingly plentiful feedstock supplies and strong demand for olefin polymer, have sustained high demand for ethylene and propylene. Investment patterns look set to remain positive. But as US shale gas feedstocks start to be monetised and polyethylene demand in particular continues to grow, how should companies position themselves to capture future opportunities? What factors - from technology to infrastructure - will shape how businesses can monetise production successfully?

What is our Olefins suite?

Explore our market-leading analysis that span the major olefin chemistries and their production chains, with in-depth supply/demand forecasts for:

Advance your strategic and commercial position in the olefin market with bespoke tools and integrated models that enable you to explore the regional and worldwide outlook for ethylene and propylene. Our interactive models enable you to:

    • Assess your competitiveness and understand the wider market with proprietary data and our ethylene asset cost tool 
    • Measure your businesses activities and test how changes may affect your plans
    • Use performance tools and reports to enhance your businesses position today and prepare for tomorrow’s trends
  • 5

    Major olefin chemicals and derviatves

  • 3

    global reporting regions

  • 30+

    years of trusted, proprietary data

Designed to help you

  • Gain insight into the olefins production outlook and the implications for feedstocks as well as end product markets
  • Understand olefin fundamentals worldwide
  • Access the latest pricing data throughout the olefin value chain
  • Screen for investment opportunities in new markets
  • Discover information on policy, regulation, prices and infrastructure
  • Explore an integrated view with our aromatics analysis and upstream data
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