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Get a broader, deeper view from upstream energy to chemicals, polymers and fibres with our detailed data and integrated analysis.


Benefit from industry-leading chemicals research that provides strategic insight for energy companies, refiners, feedstock purchasers and chemical converters.

Our detailed data and integrated analysis on chemicals research allows you to make commercially-focused decisions on olefin and aromatic markets.

We provide you with invaluable tools for these interrelated markets, offering objective, independant analysis through reports and forecasts, helping your business strategically.

What is PCI Wood Mackenzie?

Providing insight on chemicals research

We provide in-depth aromatics coverage and data into Benzene and StyreneParaxylene and derivatives, Metaxylene and Purified Isophthalic Acid (IPA) and Mixed xylene, orthoxylene, phthalic anhydride, oxo-alcohols, butanol and plasticizers.

Use our market-leading olefins reports about Ethylene and derivativesEthylene oxide and glycol and Propylene and derivatives and Ethylene Oxide Derivatives (EODs).

  • 119

    reports covering wide range of chemical analysis

  • 30+

    years experience in global aromatics and olefins, key polymers and end product markets

  • 81

    global analysis reports

Helping your business plan for the future

Whether you’re looking for unbiased analysis on chemicals research or realistic forecasts on day-to-day decision making, our independent consultants can help you develop strategic future plans.

Bespoke advice to help you deliver confidential professional, cost-effective and timely projects:

  • Full feasibility study
  • Realistic commercial plan
  • Insight on partner or investor companies
  • Industrial training
  • Support day-to-day