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Analyse the commercial and strategic drivers of polyester supply and demand, price forecasts and market trends for polyester markets.

Strengthen your decision making along the entire polyester value chain with strategic data and modelling tools

Consumption of this dynamic and versatile polymer has been growing at extraordinary rates over the past 30 years as technology has developed and it has found a place in so many applications.

Our Polyester and Raw Materials Service strengthens your decision making along the entire polyester value chain, offering you a broader, deeper perspective from feedstocks to end products. Access our independent thinking in our monthly reports, test your theories with our long-term strategic data and modelling tools, and build your commercial plan with integrated analysis, all in the context of our wider chemicals research.

Features at a glance

Quarterly Service

Polyester & Raw Material Global Supply Demand Analytics Service

This service provides long-term supply/demand analysis and support for your strategic planning and long-term business decisions.

This premium service combines strategic, long-term data with the cost of polyester material, price forecasting and support from our consultants through meetings and discussion.

  • Annual supply demand report
  • 10-year forecast and historical supply/demand, updated quarterly
  • Online supply/demand and pricing databases
  • 36-month price forecasts, updated monthly
  • Consultant support, including meetings

Monthly Services

The Monthly Report Service is a full consultancy package focussed on short-term market issues. Access detailed analysis of key market sectors, regular and feature charts and our industry-standard Monthly Price Index provide the answers that you need to enhance your awareness of market trends.

Select one of our two monthly report subscription options:

Polyester & Raw Materials Global Monthly Market Overview focuses on the main raw materials, PTA and MEG with summary details of the paraxylene markets.

Polyester & Raw Materials Full PX Global Monthly Market Overview focuses on the main raw materials, PTA and MEG with a full section concentrating on the global paraxylene market.

This service includes:

  • Monthly price page showing contract and spot prices by region
  • Detailed regional and country commercial analysis for PTA, DMT, MEG and background paraxylene (or full paraxylene depending on the report choice)
  • 12 month price forecast for PTA, MEG and PX (with full PX version)
  • Regional summary for polyester fibres and PET resin
  • Short-term to medium-term regional supply and demand pressures
  • Major incidents or factors affecting global or regional production
  • Trading activity
  • New capacity developments

Our consultants are available to discuss all aspects of the current markets, and can include face-to-face meetings and presentations as required.

Weekly Service

Polyester & Raw Materials Weekly Market Overview

Our regional weekly reports provide a brief overview of activity in each of the polyester raw material markets, and near-term price forecasts. Get the latest weekly raw material price trends and forecasting for the cost of polyester for the next three months’ market prices. It also provides an insightful “leading indicator” of the coming months’ costs using illustrative charts and summary bullet points.

The weekly reports are available for three regions: Asia, The Americas and Europe.

Daily Service

Polyester & Raw Materials Asia Daily Express

The report provides today’s Asia and China spot polyester raw material offer and bid prices in easy-to-read graphical format, with headline issues affecting the cost of polyester material and daily price movement. Today’s prices and one week of history.

Topical Study

Riding the US Polyester wave: Understanding the implications of new PET/PTA capacity 2017-2018  examines the implications for Pacific basin PET producers who are currently key suppliers to US markets on the West Coast. 

The study will help you:

  • Understand the drivers of forecast US PTA demand through to 2025
  • Analyse the market to get insight on the strategy of the key players
  • Assess how trade patterns will change for PX, PTA and PET
  • Analyse the impetus behind a new wave of North American exports and assess the stimulus for asset rationalisation
  • Review how much of a competitive advantage lies in integrated PX when assessing the competitive position of the PTA assets in North America?
  • Assess how cost effective the assets really are in comparison to the newest Asian assets
  • Benefit from a clear overview of the most likely market scenarios together with the implications for regional markets
Designed to help you:
  • Examine the outlook on production costs and profitability for polyester and raw materials markets
  • Recognise pricing and demand patterns for both polyester feedstocks and selected end products
  • Understand the supply/demand outlook both globally and regionally by country
  • Identify inter-regional trade patterns and arbitrage opportunities
  • Assess the effects of plant outages, supply restrictions, technology changes and other factors
  • Identify opportunities and manage risk in the commodity chemical markets