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How can we help?

Keep abreast of M&A market developments, emerging trends and acquisition opportunities. The service allows you to screen for precedent-setting transactions, benchmark company performance, and go beyond company-reported data for the objective, big-picture industry view.


Spend on M&A is near an all time high with deals pouring out of the US Lower 48 and activity spreading out across the globe. Greater transaction liquidity as well as access to capital markets is helping strengthen balance sheets and portfolios. Business development teams are back in the front line as companies look to position for longer term growth. Continued focus on cost reduction, capital discipline and portfolio high grading will most likely sustain a busy M&A market for quite some time.  

What is the M&A Service?

Understand why deals are done, quantify underlying value using proprietary valuation metrics and benchmark transactions globally on a clear and consistent basis. The M&A Service gives you our outlook for regional and resource theme M&A so you can pinpoint the areas where low oil prices are depressing valuations and get a complete picture.

You will receive:

  • Access to an interactive data tool with weekly updates for deals >US$10 million from 2001 to the present
  • Rapid insight on major deals, with most published within three days
  • 400 attributes per deal, including our proprietary Implied Long-Term Oil Price metric
  • Activity reviews monthly, quarterly and annually
  • At least 15 M&A market podcasts providing monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and annual updates
  • Access to our Downstream (Refinery and European Fuel Marketing) transaction dataset through a downloadable Excel file, updated monthly
  • 50+

    deal pipeline updates that include rumoured deals from the market

  • 400

    attributes per deal

  • 72 hour

    turnaround for major deal analysis

  • 15+

    market and trend insights per year

Designed to help you:

  • Analyse transactions based on our proprietary data as well as company-reported metrics
  • Scan from a global, macro view down to analyses of individual transactions
  • Filter the data using 400 attributes, pick out trends and dive deeper into the service or download for your own analysis
  • Benchmark corporate activity and performance and realise where future acquisitions and disposals will be targeted.
  • Assess potential A&D including announced, rumoured and reported

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