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Widen your focus on the European energy market for a comprehensive overview of the region and unravel local energy markets to get to the heart of what matters.


Europe’s continuing, strong commitment to decarbonisation and weak power demand – result in sustained pressure on the role of fossil-fuelled power producers. With EU controls on atmospheric pollutants, the maintenance of adequate, flexible supply capability is a major concern for governments and regulators.

Europe's energy markets are complex and companies need to understand how global commodity prices, regional geopolitics and EU policy background influence the diverse energy markets across the continent. 

What is the European Energy Service?

Our European Energy Service covers European energy market supply, demand and price fundamentals at a regional and country level, and it offers quick and easy access to the underlying data via the Energy Markets Service visualisation tool.

Whether you are screening potential investment opportunities, analysing competitor behaviour, optimising fuel procurement or supporting trade strategies, our bottom-up analysis, deep understanding of global issues and knowledge of the interplay between different fuels give you a complete view of the current and future positon of European energy markets.

You will receive:

  • Cross-commodity supply and demand data for 35 countries
  • Plant data for 2,800+ European power generators
  • Long-term price forecasts for coal, gas, oil, power, and carbon
  • Detailed gas, power and renewable analysis covering demand, capacity, supply, infrastructure, trade, and costs
  • Europe in brief - live feed on key energy issues with monthly data pack
  • Access to analysts
  • 35


  • 2,800+

    European power generators

Designed to help you:

  • Assess the impact of regional and national energy policy decisions
  • Evaluate the growth of renewable power and its impact on conventional supply technologies
  • Understand trends such as security and diversity of energy supply 
  • Benchmark market fundamentals using in-house data projections
  • Gain insight into inter-fuel competition between gas, coal, and renewables
  • Address complex questions on gas flow and regional/hub pricing dynamics
  • Track the development of key renewable technologies
  • Visualise supply and demand data with our interactive tool

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