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Get critical business intelligence, fundamental analysis, and global and regional perspectives on the complex and volatile gas sector.


The world's gas markets are becoming ever more globally integrated and increasingly dynamic. Plentiful supply and growing demand for affordable, reliable and cleaner energy are opening up new markets and trade routes, while the impact of emerging and disruptive trends affecting fuel choices is creating significant uncertainty. European and Asian gas price formation is increasingly influenced by the US, and the corporate landscape is becoming more fragmented and complex to understand.

Fundamentals analysis remains key to driving long- and short-term investment and procurement decisions. Having a regional and global perspective is essential business intelligence to any company operating in the sector.

What is the Global Gas Research?

Equip yourself with a comprehensive, flexible toolkit that delivers deep understanding of global and inter-regional gas dynamics and pricing. Our Global Gas Research suite is underpinned by world-class data and analysis built up from our industry relationships, regional and global gas experts, and proprietary models and tools.

Global Gas Service

Identify opportunities, mitigate risks and support investment and procurement strategies by understanding global and regional gas dynamics, pricing and flows in the short, medium and long term.

  • Global supply, demand and gas price dynamics, with long-term and short-term data and analysis
  • Inter-regional trade flows and the impact of key player behaviour
  • Briefing notes for key supply sources and demand regions
  • Disruptive trends, sensitivities and emerging industry themes

Global Gas Model

Run annual and monthly global gas market simulations under different scenarios and applying sensitivities to supply, demand, pipes, storage and LNG infrastructure, contract sales and producer behaviour.

  • 2 updates to our base case data per year
  • 1,000 contracts and 12,000 pipeline and shipping routes
  • >1,400 supply, 1,000 demand, 170 liquefaction and 160 regas nodes
  • Forecasts to 2035

Global Gas Tool

Interrogate the base case outputs of our Global Gas Model to create custom reports on gas production, demand, price flows and infrastructure utilisation.

  • Demand by sector or geography, including contracted supply, demand gap and gas balance
  • Supply by asset, region or country including utilisation, mix and cost curves
  • Gas flows and pipeline utilisation, liquefaction, regas, storage, and LNG shipping flows
  • Gas prices at all nodal points on the network
  • 1,000


  • 12,000

    pipeline and shipping routes

  • 2035

    outlook and forecasts

Designed to help you:

  • Anticipate the future direction of the global gas market
  • Identify and assess opportunities and threats to energy portfolios
  • Understand the seasonal dynamics of the global gas market
  • Analyse and interpret results with a clear and comprehensive suite of reports
  • Benchmark gas projects using global supply/demand dynamics

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