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How can we help?

Gain a corporate perspective on investments in LNG to mitigate risks and optimise your position. Also analyse and benchmark key LNG players and uncover how they may use their portfolios over the next decade.


As the LNG sector continues to expand, maintaining a competitive edge requires an understanding of the portfolios and strategies of your suppliers and competitors. Identifying how supply, market access and shipping assets relate to a competitor's overall business strategies can help companies adjust their own approach and maximise their returns.

What is the LNG Corporate Service?

Add another dimension to your LNG research by incorporating in-depth analysis of the positions and strategies of major LNG players into our existing coverage of LNG assets and market fundamentals. The LNG Corporate Service delivers comprehensive data on LNG assets and contracts, commercial insights into the LNG market, and direct access to our in-house experts — all of whom have a deep understanding of gas dynamics around the world.

You will receive:

  • Executive summaries
  • SWOT analyses
  • Summary of each company's LNG strategy
  • Details on LNG assets (gas into LNG, liquefaction, regas, shipping)
  • Supply-demand balances: contracted LNG supply, committed LNG, pipeline position and flexible LNG portfolio
  • Assessment of how companies make money from their LNG position: pricing, destination flexibility, pipeline portfolio, hedging position and access to market, among others
  • Risks and uncertainties including 240+ assets with detailed operating and capital cost models, and fully auditable and transparent calculations
  • 13

    company reports

  • Quarterly

    benchmarking analysis

  • In-Depth

    analysis of LNG portfolio player positions & strategies

Designed to help you:

  • View emerging trends in the LNG market through a corporate lens
  • Evaluate options for LNG procurement, marketing and trading
  • Analyse how LNG players will use their supply, market access and shipping assets
  • Screen LNG portfolio player positions and strategies
  • Clarify and bring focus to competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmark against peer performance