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How can we help?

Get a holistic view of the North American integrated gas market — and a clear competitive advantage — with detailed supply, demand and price forecasts.


Oil market volatility, unconventional gas supply growth, fledgling export connections and growing carbon consciousness have thrust North America into the global gas market, yet there are many questions about this new environment. Is North American shale supply boundless? What linking effects will exports have? Can pipeline corridors bear the strain? And which way will the heavyweight Henry Hub swing? Understanding the North American market, its connections to the global market and wider themes in gas dynamics is paramount for effective decision making in an increasingly integrated world.

What is the North America Gas Service?

The North America Gas Service is a single online resource offering unrivalled insight into the North American gas market. It provides you with comprehensive insights to help you understand complex gas market dynamics, analyse market developments, inform your strategic decisions and adapt to changing circumstances with confidence. The service’s detailed supply, demand and price forecasts are based on our integrated upstream, power, coal, LNG, corporate and NGL research.

The service offers:

  • Detailed long-term outlooks that integrate data across regions and commodities
  • Short-term price, supply and demand outlooks that define key market signposts
  • Explicit modelling of new pipeline infrastructure, including forecast takeaway capacity
  • Knowledgeable commentary on gas's role in power generation, complementary to the North America Power & Renewables Service
  • Forecasts of pipeline exports and LNG, informed by a global team of LNG analysts and regional gas market experts
  • Annual and monthly production forecasts by resource type and geography, filterable by 13 regions, 42 basins and 208 plays in the US and Canada
  • 50

    monthly regional basis prices

  • 20

    year monthly view of Henry Hub prices

  • 208


  • 42


Designed to help you:

  • Explore underlying supply trends, costs and implications on local and regional gas markets
  • Identify vital pipeline capacity changes and constraints
  • Analyse the drivers of basis differentials or market prices in local markets
  • Understand drivers of domestic North American gas demand, including competition from alternative fuels and renewables
  • Access short- and long-term pricing trends to help inform investment decisions, fuel purchases and hedging decisions
  • Evaluate the role of LNG exports on the North American market