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How can we help?

Understand the drivers that determine supply demand and pricing in gas and power markets in South East Asia.

Get forward-looking insight to gas and power markets across South East Asia

As the South East Asian energy mix grows and develops rapidly on the back of a strong economic and demographic outlook, you need deep market, player and regulatory understanding capitalise on new and future opportunities.

Our South East Asia Gas & Power Service provides the industry’s most trusted data on this dynamic region, and helps players understand the drivers that determine gas, power and LNG supply, demand and pricing outlooks. It assesses the impact and risk of infrastructure constraints and government policies on value creation and monetisation options to help guide your strategic decisions. 

Features at a glance

South East Asia Gas and Power Service offers invaluable insight across the six most well established gas and power markets in South-East Asia to help you make decisions today that you can count on for future success. 

Our in-depth analysis and reports provide the information and granularity you need to understand the impact of policy decisions, investigate gas supply options, power technologies and pricing outlooks.  

The service offers monthly reports, bi-annual regional outlooks and direct access to our expert analysts.  Access to our highly trusted and detailed data keeps you up-to-date with the most recent market events and near-term dynamics so that you can make confident investment decisions.

The service provides:

  • Detailed analysis for Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines
  • Pricing drivers, macro assumptions, energy policy, supply and demand, and player behaviour
  • Gas pricing outlook across the region
  • Supply-demand balances and regional outlook to 2035
  • Plant by plant generation to 2035
  • 2035

    supply-demand balances and regional outlook

  • Plant by Plant

    generation to 2035

  • Gas

    pricing outlook across the region

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