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The Corporate New Energy Series (CNES) will help you understand the emerging energy transition landscape and how to position yourself in the fast-changing global energy market.


The global energy markets are changing fast, accelerated by the impact of the coronavirus, weakening outlook for fossil fuel demand and tightening regulatory environment. Understanding the strategies of the energy transition pioneers will help other oil and gas players position themselves for a low-carbon future. Having a viable carbon-mitigation strategy will enable oil and gas companies to attain a social licence to operate and ensure they remain investible.

To help you navigate the emerging corporate energy transition landscape, we have produced the Corporate New Energy Series. The series leverages our deep understanding, data and analysis of the European Majors’ new energy strategies and portfolios. 

What is the Corporate New Energy Series?

This 11 report series is the result of collaboration between Wood Mackenzie experts from the corporate, energy transition practice and carbon research teams and includes:

  • Corporate new energy profiles

For Total, Shell, BP, Eni, Equinor and Repsol. The profiles examine the companies’ new energy strategies, business models and corporate targets and ambitions. This analysis will help other oil and gas companies, as well financial institutions and regulators have a better understanding of the depth and materiality of the Majors’ diversification into clean energies.

Analysis of historic and future new energy spend, based on the companies’ existing solar and wind capacities, as well as announced targets. Financial analysis includes expected cash flow and returns from renewable portfolios, benchmarked against the companies’ legacy oil and gas assets. The profiles also provide an overview of the companies’ new energy investments across different technologies.

  • Corporate benchmarking reports

The series includes four thematic technology benchmarking reports for solar, offshore wind, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen. The reports will enable clients put in a global context the Majors’ diversification efforts, illustrating the scale of the challenge ahead.

The reports will focus on the Majors’ activities in each theme, leveraging Wood Mackenzie’s Energy Transition Practice insight and data analysis.

  • A Carbon benchmarking primer

A Carbon benchmarking primer for the Majors is also included in the series. Which provides clarity on the Majors’ commitments to carbon reduction, including Scope 1, 2 and 3.

This report incorporates analysis from Wood Mackenzie’s Emissions Benchmarking Tool.

Designed to help you
  • Understand current strategic positioning of the O&G Majors in New Energy: strategies, business models, investment and future cashflows from renewable portfolios.
  • Have clarity on the Majors carbon targets, ambitions and methodologies used to calculate carbon emissions. Understand challenges associated with carbon footprint measurements.
  • Have a deeper understanding of key emerging technologies – solar, offshore wind, CCUS and hydrogen – including the state of the global market and the Majors’ positioning in each one of these themes.


If you would like more information on our Corporate New Energy Series you can download our CNES brochure or you can  complete the Contact An Expert form above.