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Make better investment decisions across the global energy, US energy, and metals and mining industries. We deliver proprietary, region-specific research packages relevant to your business and offer flexibility to customise the analysis to meet your needs.

For the highest returns, you need the deepest insights

We live in a global economy that requires astute macroeconomic and geopolitical awareness in the midst of continuous change. Within this vast economy, the lower-for-longer oil market has created leaner corporate teams — and also opened the door to more investment opportunities. But how do you cut through the noise?

That's where Wood Mackenzie's Institutional Investor Service comes in. Extend your reach — without adding head count, and without wasting time on irrelevant information. With access to a steady stream of objective research and the individual analysts driving it, investment decisions become clearer, faster. 

What is the Institutional Investor Service?

Our key services covering global energy, US energy, metals and mining and chemicals include subscriptions to proprietary, region-specific research relevant to your industry — and also offer the flexibility to customise the analysis and bespoke data you receive.

As a customer, you can speak to more 500 analysts at any time, about any topic or potential scenario.

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Institutional Investor Service, Global Energy

The global energy service enables flexible access to written research, specialized analysts and unique data tools to support oil and gas investment decisions worldwide.

Key benefits

  • Build short and long-term commodity supply, demand and price outlook based on rigorous, bottom-up analysis
  • Access our integrated macroeconomic view across all energy markets, throughout the entire value chain
  • Analyse company portfolios, strategy and competitive positioning benchmarked to peers
  • Customise the analysis you receive, with access to our analysts and bespoke data
  • Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging global trends
  • Access more than 500 analysts at any time, about any topic or potential scenario
Institutional Investor Service, US Energy

Analyse public and private companies and evaluate every key play in the region with comprehensive coverage of the US oil & gas sector.

Key benefits

  • Access granular play and sub-play analysis on over 200 sub-plays in North America
  • Analyse type curve economics at the sub-play level to understand variability within key plays
  • Examine supply-and-demand imbalances from well production to refining and storage capacities
  • Gain comprehensive coverage of the upstream sector with contextual commentary from our expert analysts
  • Benchmark company performance, including breakevens, cash flows, production, remaining NPV

  • Access analysts focusing on the US oil & gas sector
Institutional Investor Service, Metals & Mining

Access global, in-depth coverage of the metals and mining industry to deliver the most relevant research to inform investment strategies.

Key benefits

  • Access to 100+ dedicated metals & mining analysts
  • Analysis on more than 3,000 assets across base metals and bulks, including aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, zinc, coal – thermal & metallurgical, steel, iron ore and gold
  • Monthly short-term outlooks and quarterly long-term outlooks
  • Benchmark mines and companies, and screen, identify and value projects
  • Analyse demand, supply and price fundamentals on a global and country level
  • Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging global trends
Institutional Investor Service, Chemicals

Comprehensive coverage of the of the petrochemicals, intermediates and applications sectors.

Key benefits

  • Gain analysis coverage across olefins, polyolefins, aromatics, polyamide, PET, films and fibres
  • Benchmark individual assets profitability with asset level models
  • Screen opportunities in chemical markets and diversify against risk
  • Understand demand patterns and pricing for feedstocks
  • Access 80+ analysts dedicated to petrochemicals
  • Forecast supply and demand for key chemicals until 2035
  • Identify inter-regional trade patterns
Designed to help you
  • Build short- and long-term commodity supply, demand, and price outlooks based on rigorous, bottom-up analysis
  • Assess the impact of macro/thematic views on companies
  • Analyse company portfolios, strategies and their competitive positioning versus peers
  • Interrogate and challenge company management and consensus