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ARA Ethanol and Methanol Storage Report

Weekly measurements of more than 100 tanks

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Insight into tank status changes and key market events in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region.

Tank-by-tank data

The ARA region is the most critical component of the European oil supply chain. Our ARA Ethanol and Methanol Storage Report delivers accurate and reliable inventory information at refinery and storage terminals in the ARA region.

We provide insight into tank-level data through our infrared imagery to determine storage levels in fixed-roof tanks and verify readings from floating roof tanks. We track construction, maintenance, operational status and product changes for more than 100 tanks at 13 facilities. 

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Features at a glance

Accurate, weekly data 

We conduct weekly flyovers to take aerial imagery, allowing our analysts access to the most accurate storage levels and inventory changes in fixed- and floating-roof tanks.

Complementary insights

This ethanol data complements other storage reports in the region, especially our ARA Gasoline and Naptha Storage Report. 

Granular data

This report includes tank-level data for 122 tanks at 13 facilities including location, terminal and week-to-week comparisons of inventory levels.