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Canadian Crude Oil Storage Report

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Get accurate weekly reports on Canadian crude oil inventories.

An exclusive view into the Canadian storage hub

We are the only provider to deliver essential intelligence into crude oil inventories held in above-ground tanks at Edmonton, Hardisty, Kerrobert and Alberta Heartland, as well as cavern storage at Hardisty.

With infrared cameras, aerial HDR photography and other proprietary measurement techniques, we provide a highly accurate insight into tank storage levels at these Canadian oil storage facilities. Where possible, we distinguish diluent storage levels from crude storage inventories.

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Features at a glance

A tank level view

Our storage data is based on actual tank volumes down to the individual tank level. Trust us to deliver accurate data using the same proven technology and methodologies we use for our industry-leading Cushing Crude Oil Storage report.

Detailed reporting 

Get access to oil storage by owner, purpose and grade using granular tank-by-tank and individual owner/operator data, along with extensive historical data.

Exclusive data

No government, agency or other provider reports on Canadian tank storage data.

Full transparency

We offer insight into the differentiation between crude and diluent storage by monitoring.