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Crude Price Differentials Service

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How can we help?

Stay on top of fluctuating oil prices across crude streams. The service also measures the impact of pipeline, rail and barge logistics on North American demand for competing crude supplies.


Global economic volatility and resulting fluctuations in crude supply and demand patterns present challenges for the oil industry, and the effects can be seen in target market conditions, trade patterns pricing differentials and variable crude oil quality. North America, in particular, has faced significant logistical challenges in moving its growing supply of crude oil to the refinery demand centres. Loosening these bottlenecks will affect crude oil flows, costs and pricing differentials. Understanding the outlook for crude oil prices and the key factors driving this will be vital in successfully navigating these changes.

What is the Crude Price Differentials Service?

Make better operational, logistic and investment decisions with granular analysis of rail and pipeline logistics in North America and price forecasts across the major traded crude streams.

The Crude Price Differentials Service is offered as two complementary modules. The International Crude Price Service delivers a wide range of annual crude oil pricing forecasts. The North America Crude Market Service goes past pricing and places greater emphasis on the complex story of regional dynamics.

You will receive:

International Crude Price Service

Delivering a broad range of annual crude oil pricing forecasts including:

  • Methodology and basis definitions
  • Annual average price projections, updated twice per year
  • Price and differentials coverage of 96 crudes

North America Crude Markets Service

  • Nine crudes covered
  • Annual average price assumptions, updated twice per year
  • Monthly report on short-term changes in supply, demand, imports, exports and stocks
  • Background information on the factors impacting logistics
  • Reconciliation of supply/demand through the infrastructure and logistics networks
  • Maps of the factors shaping the market today
  • 80+

    annual forecasts for crude stream across all continents

  • 12

    reports on short-term changes per year

  • 9

    North American crudes covered

  • 90+

    crudes covered around the globe

Designed to help you:

  • Gain a clear idea of what price your produced crude could command and compare it with others
  • Understand how the forecast value changes with supply and demand from the refining networks
  • Discover what the total crude oil supply outlook is for a particular region and potential new destinations for the growing supply of US crude
  • Assess a range of crudes available to the market and see how the price may change in the future
  • Understand the values of different crudes to know what options you have for your refineries
  • Incorporate key North America play supply volumes into your refinery investment decisions and strategy planning
  • Identify potential logistical changes that may be required under different price scenarios, such as increasing loading facilities or investments in a new pipeline