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How can we help?

Easily understand market fundamentals and trends in the global oil industry using our detailed forecasts and independent view on prices and their key drivers.


The growth of innovative and flexible tight oil producers in the US Lower 48 are putting added pressure on conventional oil production and disrupting the global oil market. Conventional incumbents are grappling to understand the potential scale of this new form of resource, the rate at which it can be extracted, and at what cost.

Can tight oil grow fast enough to offset the decline in conventional production? How will producer countries respond to tight oil, given their worsening fiscal positions? And what role will OPEC play? With geopolitical risk rising, what are the possible implications for supply and demand? Understanding the key drivers and trends impacting the oil market is critical for your successful strategy and budget planning.

What is the Macro Oils Service?

The Macro Oils Service delivers detailed short- and long-term forecasts for oil supply, demand and pricing to help you understand the key drivers of market price. Our in-house experts develop price forecasts based on our proprietary supply/demand models and other data to objectively determine an expected outcome monthly or yearly.

You will receive:

  • Forecasts of global oil supply, including OPEC and non-OPEC
  • Forecasts of global oil demand by region
  • Short-term outlook covering the coming 18-24 months, updated monthly
  • Long-term and annual forecasts, updated biannually
  • Forecast prices for Brent, WTI, Dubai, WCS and LLS
  • Regular Insight reports exploring industry fundamentals and trends
  • 20

    year annual forecast

  • 18-24

    months short-term forecasts

  • 23

    regions featured in global oil demand forecasts

  • 35

    non-OPEC countries included in global oil supply forecasts

Designed to help you:

  • Understand trends in supply and demand fundamentals and oil market developments
  • Explain and forecast crude oil prices
  • Examine economic and political developments and the external forces on supply, demand and pricing
  • Develop detailed oil supply and demand forecasts for strategy and budget planning
  • Test, contrast and refine your own views of oil market fundamentals
  • Incorporate a robust, impartial view of global oil fundamentals into your forecasts and trend analyses