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Data-rich analysis provides insight in the North American NGL markets with regional and national perspective on ethane, propane, butanes and pentane


The dynamics of the global oil market are changing rapidly. Previously, where OPEC production cuts were instrumental to balance the market, now these efforts are disrupted by a US production response. The market eagerly awaits demand growth, now more than ever. However, the global demand growth profile is also changing rapidly. While transportation is the largest demand market currently, Wood Mac expects this sector to see limited growth, with over 50% of global demand growth expected to come from petrochemicals over the next decade.

The first wave of petrochemical demand growth is already in the works - with eight new steam crackers to start operation along the US Gulf Coast between 2017 to 2019. These crackers will almost exclusively use ethane feedstock, available in abundance thanks to the US shale revolution. Growth is Asian LPG demand is also increasingly being met by the US. From a net importer in the early 2010s, US is now the largest LPG exporting county in the world. US NGLs are becoming a bigger part of the global demand picture, making it vital to understand the NGL market.

What is the NGL Service?

NGL Service provides a comprehensive view of the dynamics of the North American NGL market and how it integrates with the global picture. The NGL view is integrated with our upstream and chemicals research. Among other issues, the North American NGL service analyses key US basins that drive supply, demand growth by region and sector, and product movements and constraints within the US that influence market prices.

The service is a must-have resource for producers, investors and consumers – from international utilities to manufacturing and mining – requiring in-depth analysis on a regional and national perspective on ethane, propane, butanes and pentane+. Driven from our integrated energy and petrochemicals research, NGL Service offers detailed production outlooks that consider gas supply forecast and feedstock demand in the petrochemicals sector.

  • Supply, demand and price long-term forecasts
  • Infrastructure data on processing, pipelines, fractionation, storage and terminals
  • Insight reports addressing key issues impacting the NGL markets
  • Covers 5 U.S. and 2 Canadian regions, plus 220+ drilling plays
  • National and regional supply/demand balances, and play-level supply analysis
  • Access to expert analysts and client forums
  • Individual assessments of ethane, propane, butanes, and pentanes
  • 44

    supply nodes

  • 7

    US/Canada regions

  • Monthly

    supply and demand price forecasts

Designed to help you:

  • Make strategic business decisions based on an integrated view of oil, gas and NGL value
  • Assess projected growth in export sales and inventory trends for the US and Canadian markets
  • Assess NGL values for chemical feedstock selection
  • Identify infrastructure constraints that limit supply or market access and highlight potential investment opportunities
  • View pricing projections for NGL components in the US and Canada
  • Evaluate ethane supply scenarios for ethylene capacity planning