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Behind-The-Meter Solar Output

Near real-time insight for over 164,000 monitored sites across the US

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Systems that produce onsite power, like behind-the-meter solar (BTM) installations, have been on the rise across the US. Despite growing popularity, there has been no systematic reporting or real-time collection of BTM output, making it extremely difficult to accurately model BTM generation impacts on electricity demand. We've changed that, bringing light to a critical data point.

Through a partnership with Locus Energy, we provide actual, near real-time BTM output for over 164,000 monitored sites across the US, totaling 1.5 GW of capacity. Our data set reports solar production and solar capacity on a zip-code by zip-code basis, and users have the flexibility to query the regions most important to them at the frequencies that best suit their needs. Our analysts use this data to uncover trends in volatility and identify the corresponding impact to real-time prices.

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Extensive network

We partner with Locus Energy, a leading provider in the residential, commercial, and industrial PV markets, with over 164,000 sites globally, to provide you with the most accurate BTM data available. 

Thorough market analysis

From California to New England, our data unmasks the regional impacts of BTM. Get insight into price volatility patterns.

Quick access

Data is accessible via API, allowing simple integration of near real-time BTM output into your analysis.