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Quickly assess and compare power plant valuations with a flexible online tool that helps you identify future growth and investment opportunities.


North American power markets are under increasing pressure from low prices and alternative forms of energy. Growing value is being placed on the ability to provide reliability and flexibility. How can you effectively manage your portfolio as the source of value for generating units continues to shift?

What is the North America Power Valuation Tool?

The North America Power Valuation Tool (PVT) offers analysis of long-term power plant operations, revenue and margins for more than 100 power market zones.

The tool easily facilitates asset screening and comparison, making it a cost effective solution compared to developing and maintaining your own in-house valuation model. Quickly value assets using our long-term view and alternative scenarios. 

PVT includes:

  • Detailed valuation for 8,500 power generating plants
  • Asset valuations across different cases or scenarios including prior year forecasts
  • Corporate level valuation analysis
  • Asset or portfolio benchmarking against similar regional entities
  • Discounted cash flow functions that can be modified
  • Flexibility and transparency for comparisons with proprietary data
  • Identification of potential investment or divestment opportunities

PVT delivers standard reports detailing annual power plant generation, cost, revenue and margin projections for every power plant in North America. It gives users the flexibility to manipulate the financial parameters, providing.

  • Annual asset performance and values
  • Ability to filter the valuation analysis 
  • User defined financial parameters 
  • Query saving feature
  • Analysis for base case, integrate scenario and sensitivity cases
  • 100+

    power market zones

  • >8,500

    power generating plants

  • ~20,000

    generating units

  • 1,000,000 MW

    of generation in North America

Designed to help you:

  • Examine the impact of changing market fundamentals on asset valuations
  • Develop asset valuations consistent with our power price forecasts
  • Address question of changes in asset valuation through time given regulatory changes
  • Identify future growth potential and investment opportunities
  • Test, contrast, and refine internal views on market fundamentals

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