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How can we help?

Pull apart company value data and forecasts to benchmark regions, plays and operators on the metrics that matter.

Evaluate plays, benchmark performance, and forecast in context

While oil market uncertainty continues to influence companies’ capital budgets, drilling plans and production outlooks, North America has become a driving force in global non-conventional oil supply.

North America Company & Play Analysis Tool is a data and visualization tool to benchmark public and private companies and evaluate every key producing play. The web-based tool gives you access to capex, cash flow, production, type well and drilling forecasts as well as many other metrics on the key plays in the Lower 48.

Features at a glance

North America Company & Play Analysis Tool (NACPAT) is a data visualisation tool that delivers quick access to our granular, independent and industry validated onshore North American data.

Covering capex, opex, drilling forecasts, production, type wells and cash flows, it enables you to understand the activity and performance of public and private companies in every key producing play. Benchmark the performance and operations of more than 130 companies and evaluate over 250 plays and sub-plays, including the Eagle Ford, Bakken, Wolfcamp and Marcellus.

We talk directly to the operators to collect our data, which is screened and validated to provide you with a high-quality, trusted commercial perspective.

  • 250+

    plays and sub-plays

  • 130+


  • 25+

    expert analysts to provide further support

Designed to help you:

  • Identify the current and future top-producing operators in a particular play and view the drilling profile that got them there as well as capital spend
  • Benchmark operators to highlight which has the largest reserves per well, the lowest breakeven profile and the highest 30-day IP rates
  • Analyse cost curves by play to determine remaining resource, current production or locations that are economic at a certain price
  • Discern which regions companies are weighted to by capital spend or NPV10 to identify core vs non-core positions
  • Determine when a company or play becomes cash flow positive
  • View and compare operator production and capex forecasts across regions and specific plays