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Get a complete picture of today's market and prepare for future offshore opportunities with integrated solutions for drilling and rigs, subsea, marine construction, and facilities and fabrication.

Understand the changing market and plan for future demand

In today's low-oil-price environment, you need to stay informed about changes to the upstream service sector so you can be prepared for upcoming opportunities. The Upstream Supply Chain Suite delivers the industry's most complete set of information on drilling and rigs, subsea, marine construction, and facilities and fabrication.

The suite of products give you an integrated view of the market with transparent data, analysis and models that link equipment, services, costs and supply chain risk to asset and corporate valuations. The result is a comprehensive outlook that helps you understand supply and demand, benchmark against peers, assess costs, and confidently guide strategy.

Features at a glance

The Upstream Supply Chain Suite of products includes multiple subservices, covering drilling/rigs, subsea, marine construction, and facilities and fabrication.

Drilling/Rigs Service

Receive quarterly trends and outlook reports, including a forecast of working rig counts and utilisation by country, water depth, rig type and rig class. We also provide key insights into rig operating costs, contracting trends, stacking costs, leading-edge day rates and M&A activity in the rig market.

The interactive Rig Supply/Demand Tool offers deep market intelligence and forecasting of rig supply, demand and future day rates based on various scenarios. Using sensitivity analysis on oil price, drilling efficiency and supply assumptions, you can create a range of outputs based on your own criteria. 

Subsea Service

The service offers quarterly analysis of the global subsea supply chain and insight into major equipment demand, supplier market share, subsea tree start-up trends, high-level capacity and cost outlook.

Using the tool, you can cut, visualise and manipulate historical and forecast subsea project data to understand the impact on capacity and delivery.

Marine Construction Service

Get a monthly snapshot of major deepwater vessel schedules and a quarterly overview highlighting installation supply and demand trends. The service offers historical and future schedules for major deepwater marine construction assets, and critical vessel specifications illustrating installation and construction capabilities available.

Use the Vessel Cost Model to build up estimated day rates for tier one and tier two installation vessels based on a number of client-driven preferences (region, timing, scope, contingencies).  

Facilities & Fabrication Service

This solution includes two services: Floating Production Systems and Fabrication Shipyard.

Floating Production Systems is a quarterly analysis focusing on critical trends within the market space. Trends around regional demand, demand type, demand by volume and value, and historical market share drive the majority of the research.

The Fabrication Shipyard Service includes a quarterly report that illustrates historical and forecast backlog trends within the shipyards, and provides data at the work scope level (hull, topsides, etc.) including awarded shipyard, first steel cut, sail away dates, size of scope and delivery dates.

  • 12,000+

    exploration, appraisal and development wells

  • 10,000+

    offshore developments

  • 500+

    marine construction assets

  • 19,000+

    fixed and floating production facilities

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