Regional Coverage

Our research teams work in the markets they analyse to ensure they are closely connected to the issues and challenges of the regions.


North America is leading the development and production of unconventional resources and Latin America continues to mine and produce base metals and discover vast oil and gas reserves. We have analysts based in the main energy and financial hubs to be close to the governments, independent resource holders and financial markets which are crucial for the reliability and depth of our research. We continue to invest in the quality of our data and with recent developments we now offer a more granular analysis of fuel supply. This provides our clients with a North America supply dataset that is as reliable a resource as our global analysis.

Asia Pacific

We have offices across the region and strategically placed research centres in North East Asia, South East Asia and Australia. Our sector teams are located close to the producing centres, such as Australia for metals and mining, and to the large consuming countries, including China and Japan. This ensures that we are well placed to understand the regional complexities and changing landscape across Asia Pacific.

Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Caspian

The regional markets across EMEARC are very different in culture, available resources and consumption. Our locally based teams understand the uniqueness of these markets, the political climate and trade flows between and into the region, so we deliver more robust analysis and are better able to serve our clients.

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