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Spot emerging trends, evaluate supply and demand, and seize the next opportunity with our industry-leading analysis.


With the aluminium industry continuing to face uncertainty over Chinese production levels, it's essential to have a view of both cost and market assessments to understand the economic, political and market factors impacting production. Our aluminium data and analysis helps you respond to, and plan for, fundamental changes in the industry. 

What is the Aluminium Research Suite?

The Aluminium Research Suite covers the entire aluminium value chain - from bauxite, through alumina to aluminium and cast house products. The suite offers access to leading analysts, downloadable supply-demand balances, asset profiles and cost models. With data stretching from the 1980's though to long-term forecasts, we offer not just insight into current events, but also the wider market context.

Within the Aluminium Research Suite, you can subscribe to:

  • Monthly short term outlooks
  • Quarterly forecast reports
  • Bauxite and alumina cost model
  • Aluminium smelter cost model
  • Bauxite, alumina and aluminium strategic outlook

You will also receive regular Insight reports and access to webinars that address market events and provide analysis of strategic developments.

  • 280+

    aluminium smelter asset reports

  • 120

    bauxite mines

  • 113

    alumina refineries

  • >35

    years of data

Designed to help you:
  • Better understand risks and opportunities in your business environment
  • Analyse demand, supply and price fundamentals on a global and country level
  • Obtain comprehensive analysis on emergent trends globally
  • Screen, identify and value growth opportunities
  • Examine competitor strategies and benchmark against peers