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Access more than 55 million data points covering licenses, fields, wells, platforms, pipelines and cultural layers, all presented within an intuitive mapping interface. Perform spatial analysis across the industry using PetroView®, our comprehensive geographic information system.

Quickly assess opportunities and make insightful decisions

In the pursuit to increase reserves and improve your portfolio, you need access to both historical and current E&P data to quickly evaluate new exploration opportunities and assess competitor portfolios.

PetroView® uses Esri ArcGIS software to provide a global view of current and historical licences, fields, wells, and infrastructure.

Speed up your screening processes with flexible querying capability and cartographic tools that make your outputs more powerful. Seamlessly extract or import data from your own internal systems for more insightful decisions.


PetroView®, our intuitive GIS, is the one source that helps you quickly evaluate exploration opportunities by providing a global view of historical licenses, fields, wells and infrastructure. 

Watch the video to see more of PetroView's capabilities, which demonstrates our new version within Esri's ArcGIS Pro environment.

Features at a glance

PetroView® brings together industry-focused data and functionality, enabling both location and attribute information to be analysed simultaneously.

Its reliable, trustworthy data has been built up over 40 years and is gathered, cleaned and maintained by our industry specialists. It includes coverage of:

  • Licences
  • Wells (exploration, appraisal, and development)
  • Fields
  • Infrastructure (facilities and pipelines)
  • Surveys (2D and 3D survey locations)
  • Cultural data

Whether you need a comprehensive plug-and-play data solution or Esri ArcGIS compatibility for spatial analysis, Petroview® is a cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on information, quality, or ease of use.

  • 1,587,000+

    formation tops

  • 464,000+

    development wells

  • 88,100+


  • 75,100+


Designed for you

Learn how PetroView® can help.


Use PetroView® for a quick and easy view into the subsurface

Speed up your licensing screening process by performing quick queries into well tops, blocks, reservoirs and more. Challenge solved!

Case Study

How do we quickly access and interpret data for licensing rounds?

  1. Quickly access and manage data
  2. Improve efficiency in analysing data
  3. Speed up licensing screening process
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