Bulk commodities metals: ask the analysts

Each year Wood Mackenzie hosts a series a forums and briefings across the Asia-Pacific region, where our team of expert analysts present their latest outlooks for steel and its raw materials. Below the team respond to some of the key questions raised during the latest tour:  

Key questions on China steel

Valentina Burrai
Senior Research Manager, Steel and Iron Ore Markets 

  • What happened to steel prices in China in the first half of this year?
  • Will the government manage to curb steelmaking overcapacity?
  • How much steel will China export to the rest of the world? 



Key questions on US steel

Renate Cakule
Principal Analyst, Steel Markets 

  • US steelmakers seem to be having a better 2016 than those in other regions – why is this?
  • Why is the relative price premia so high in the USA?
  • Is the current pricing situation sustainable? 


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Key questions on iron ore

Paul Gray
Research Director, Iron Ore Markets 

  • The iron ore price rose sharply earlier this year, was that a "blip" or a reversal of the downtrend?
  • How has the supply side responded to the weaker demand environment?
  • Are there any bright spots on the horizon for iron ore? 


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Key questions on metallurgical coal

Prakash Sharma
Research Director, Coal Markets 

  • Will the market continue toward greater use of indexation and short-term pricing?
  • Will China’s moves to reduce excess capacity in mining result in domestic shortages?
  • What will be China’s influence on the seaborne trade in the mid-term?
  • Will India choose to produce its own steel to meet demand?


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