Polyester - a structural shift in Asia?

Polyester is the backbone of the purified terephthalic acid (PTA)) and paraxylene industries, and an integral part of our daily lives. Consumption has grown exponentially during the last 30 years and is forecast to grow steadily for another decade. Polyester fibre in particular is expanding in market share, owing to its superior functionality and competitive price.

But the polyester industry not without challenges. One key trend is the growth in demand from the emerging middle class in China and India. In response, the industry has, we believe, overinvested in production capacity, with a current surplus of over 21 million tons. In addition, polyester is increasingly being recycled. Both these trends pose questions for producers and consumers alike and are starting to reshape supply and demand curves in Asia and worldwide.

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In the second of our videos series in advance of APIC and our Asia Polyester, Nylon and Feedstocks conferencePCI Wood Mackenzie Senior Consultant YJ Kim talks about the changing profile of polyester in Asia.

YJ's video picks up the themes of Steve Jenkins' presentation on the Paraxylene enigma. Read more about the paraxylene supply curve here.

Steve Jenkins


PCI Wood Mackenzie at APIC  

Sushant Gupta, Research Director – Refining & Chemicals Asia Pacific will be speaking at APIC on "Crude Oil price – where is the bottom?" at the General Matters and Raw Materials session on Friday, 20 May 2016 at 3.10pm. His presentation will include:

  • Crude oil market fundamentals OPEC vs non OPEC
  • Oil supply and policy risks
  • Impact on feedstocks for the Asian chemical industry – LPG/Naphtha/condensates
  • Key risks and uncertainties

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