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Explorers are coming out of hibernation, seeking the best acreage and the best deals. New licensing rounds are being launched every week. So, governments know they must set terms that are competitive. But how do they establish a “fair share” given all the uncertainties of exploration? 

Should they fix terms or let companies decide via bids? Should they target revenues or profits? What can they do to assure investors of future stability? Get a better understanding of fiscal systems and bring clarity to your negotiations at this year’s Oil and Gas Fiscal Week, presented by CWC and Wood Mackenzie.

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4th Government Oil & Gas Fiscal Summit
This two-day summit for governments, NOCs, parastatals and tax authorities will cover how each player can develop their fiscal strategies to ensure they are delivering maximum value to their countries while still encouraging investment.

Global Oil & Gas Fiscal Systems Training Course
The course helps you assess how different fiscal terms affect investment decisions through a comprehensive, hands-on, practical course for government and oil and gas industry executives.

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We’ve been invited to present at the Fiscal Week due to our deep experience with fiscal systems and terms. Our Fiscal Service, which provides benchmarking capabilities for over 160 fiscal regimes, delivers our expert and objective third-party view to make it easier to navigate the terms agreement process.

Our multi-client study Global Fiscal Trends and Benchmarking examines trends in fiscal policy changes, benchmarks 150+ fiscal systems in different scenarios and compares fiscal attractiveness with fiscal stability, prospectivity and cost environment. The study focuses on three elements that deliver insight into the competitiveness and stability of fiscal systems: global trends, benchmarking and indices.

You can now download the whitepaper Global Oil and Gas Fiscal Challenges, written by Graham Kellas, Senior Vice President of Global Fiscal Research, on the CWC website.

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