US LNG shut-ins: Will Europe open the floodgates?


Last month the French Energy Minister raised the prospect of France turning away US LNG on environmental grounds. Few believe this will be enacted, however it looks increasingly likely that imports of US LNG into Europe will be restricted, albeit by other factors.

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Noel Tomnay

Read the full story on Bloomberg here: Cheap LNG May Lure 50 More Nations to Gas From Oil, WoodMac Says and Axpo Hires LNG Traders to Expand Business to Asia, Americas.

Noel Tomnay, Head of Global Gas & LNG Research, looks at the future of US LNG in Europe in this short video, answering key questions covering topics including:

Will US LNG imports into Europe be restricted?
What are the economic and political factors that may prevent LNG imports?
How much LNG will be available to Europe in the long and short-term?

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Europe's LNG Tsunami: Fact or Fiction?

Noel presented at our London Breakfast Briefing, where he addressed Institutional Investors in his presentation, Europe's LNG Tsunami: Fact or Fiction?  He spoke about a number of LNG and global gas themes:

China - is the pick-up in LNG imports sustainable?

  • Balancing the global LNG market – from floating storage and regasification units (FSRU) demand to US shut-ins
  • Global gas spot prices and new term contracts - new pricing and new contracting pressures
  • New LNG supply and corporate changes

Read more from Noel on his latest blog, Asian LNG: flexibility wins over price

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The rise of the LNG portfolio player

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