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Last week we held our 10th Annual Upstream Forum in Houston, where we dedicated a full day to discussing the past year's turbulence in the upstream sector and keys to success moving forward. Dramatic shifts are currently underway to repair balance sheets and adjust corporate strategies allowing companies to survive today and grow tomorrow.

Our expert analysts presented on a wide range of topics covering important domestic concerns as well as international viewpoints. Here are a few of the key takeaways from some of the presenters.  

From an industry perspective, it’s time to start thinking about 2020…how do you grow and replace in a $45 world?” 
Skip York, Vice President, Integrated Energy

RT Dukes, Research Director, US Upstream Research

Tight oil is shrinking from a production perspective, but is more important than ever with the supply/demand gap emerging over the next few years.”

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Julie Wilson, Research Director, Global Exploration

 Even though exploration is in a really difficult place right now…if you can be countercyclical...this is a good time to do it.”

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Jonathan Garrett, Principal Analyst, US Upstream Research

By 2020 the risk from Venezuela and Peru actually switches, so Peru is definitely going to be one to watch.”

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Jessica Brewer, Principal Analyst, Middle East Upstream Research

Mainly we're looking at the oil supply coming out of the middle east - what's going to happen with the re-entry of Iran?”

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