The rising importance of coal prices in Europe

How will coal to gas switching in Europe affect gas price formation?

In this short video, Massimo Di-Odoardo, Research director for global gas, looks at the economics of coal to gas switching in Europe and how it will influence gas prices in Europe.  For an in-depth analysis, purchase the full report: Coal to gas switching in Europe: what's the potential for increased gas demand?

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What is in the mindset of European coal traders?  How do global gas prices fit into this complex puzzle?

Trends, risks and issues within the coal industry are key to understanding where prices are headed. What are they trading on and what factors lead to prices that we currently see in the US$44-45/t range on the forward curve. In this report, European coal prices: the shape of things to come, we interpret the latest delivered coal cost curve and assess where floors exist for European thermal coal. 

On our video blog, Global gas spot prices - what will set the floor?, we look at the impending oversupply faced by the LNG market and how downward pressure will influence global gas prices.

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