2020 Wood Mackenzie Tokyo Metals & Mining Forum

Metals & Mining sector’s key role to play in decarbonisation

Join us for an exclusive Forum, co-chaired by SVP and Global Head of Metals and Mining, Linda Cardillo Doku and SVP and Vice Chairman of Metals and Mining, Julian Kettle – this event brings together Wood Mackenzie’s top subject matter experts for complete coverage of the global mining and metals sector.

At this event, we present our views on a range of metals and mined commodities, the impact of the energy transition on our industries, and what to look out for in 2020.

In part one, we unpack the swathe of opportunities in the metals sector with a detailed look at copper and battery raw materials (lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite) – critical components of battery manufacturing, both in EVs and utility-scale storage. 

In part two, we assess traditionally carbon- intensive industries including steel and thermal coal. A controversial commodity, but as topical as ever – coal – remains a key component of power generation and steel production. In this section, we present our scenarios on the future of these bulk commodities and discuss pathways towards a sustainable business model. 

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