Innovation at the speed of Lightsource BP

Uniting with Thomson Reuters to embrace technology advancements

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According to Wood Mackenzie insight, solar installation is projected to experience 4x growth in the next 10 years. To keep up with this growth, companies must evolve to become more efficient, more productive and safer. Leading renewable energy companies are placing innovation and technology investments as a top priority to enable operational efficiency, faster onboarding, and improved portfolio performance.

In this webinar, with Thomson Reuters and Lightsource BP, learn how Lightsource BP invests in innovation to accelerate efficiency, capacity, and performance - both in the field and in the office.

We discussed: 

  • Wood Mackenzie 2023 Solar PV O&M technologies outlook
  • How Lightsource BP is leveraging robotic mowing, remote monitoring, and artificial intelligence
  • How using AI in the office can be a competitive advantage
  • Demonstrate AI-powered contract analytics in action



David Martin

Manager in Innovation & Operational Excellence for the Americas, Lightsource BP

Leila Garcia da Fonseca

Director, Renewables Research - Americas, Wood Mackenzie

John Gottshall

Senior Subject Matter Expert - Renewables, Thomson Reuters