The energy transition: the scalability challenge

The global energy transition is well underway. But how quickly will we get there? Who’s leading the charge? And what barriers stand in the way of decarbonisation?

Webinar: The energy transition: the scalability challenge

Join our webinar on Wednesday 7 August to stay on top of the changing conversation as leading analysts David Brown and Prakash Sharma share key insights from our latest long-term outlook on the energy transition.

You’ll get:

  • Forecasts for how we think the transition will play out to 2040
  • An integrated view across the natural resources value chain
  • Our pick of the sectors and countries that are best geared up for the changes ahead

Understand how to prepare for the energy transition – for today, for this year and for the next two decades.


Global Trends - Energy Transition Outlook: the scalability challenge

Our Energy Transition Outlook outlines why the global energy market is facing a ‘scalability challenge’ in lowering carbon emissions.
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