Saudi Aramco reveals finances for the first time

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Saudi Aramco by the numbers

Saudi Aramco grabbed the headlines last week when it revealed its finances for the first time. It's all part of Saudi Aramco's plan to engage with global capital markets. And it's given us a good look under the hood of the world's largest oil and gas company. The numbers are truly impressive. The scale of its net income and cash flow generation are huge, even in comparison to the world's largest international oil and gas companies. 

Director of corporate research, Norman Valentine, has conducted in-depth analysis of those financials since their release last week. In this episode of Corporate Week in Brief, Luke Parker talks to Norman about his findings. Listen to discover: 

  • How Saudi Aramco's finances compare to that of the largest international oil companies  
  • What the numbers tell us about Saudi Aramco's growth ambitions 
  • Saudi Aramco's financial outlook

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  • US$10bn

    Saudi Aramco plans to issue a US$10bn bond

  • US$52bn

    Saudi Aramco's ordinary dividend in 2018

  • US$20bn

    An additional special dividend in 2018

  • US$22bn

    Net cash at the end of 2018

Corporate Week In Brief: Saudi Aramco reveals finances for the first time


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