State of the deepwater industry - a deep dive into Latin America upstream

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Deepwater is an increasingly important global upstream investment theme with production expected to grow 1.6x from 2022 levels to reach 17 million boe/d by 2030. Petrobras and the Majors dominate the deepwater sector, having the scale and capability to take on huge projects. In Latin America, deepwater exploration activities in Brazil, Guyana, Suriname and Mexico are responsible for the largest discoveries in 2022 - more than six billion barrels equivalent.

Join our experts on May 11, for an interactive discussion on the deepwater growth trajectory for Latin America upstream, and tackling questions such as:

  • Production grows again, but how long can growth persist?
  • How do companies stack up in terms of production and overall value?
  • What do the emissions intensity metrics look like for deepwater?
  • How do recent deepwater discoveries compare in terms of commerciality?
  • What potential role will offshore gas play in Colombia's gas reserves? 



Marcelo de Assis

Upstream Research Director, Latin America

Marcelo joined the Upstream Research team in March 2019, based in Rio de Janeiro.

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Jake Sharp

Lead Product Specialist

Jake is a lead product specialist in the Customer Organization team.

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