The Petroleum Industry Act: a gamechanger for Nigeria’s upstream?

About the webinar

The Petroleum Industry Act: a gamechanger for Nigeria’s upstream?

Join us on Thursday 28 October to hear our analysis of Nigeria's new fiscal terms and the likely impacts on its upstream sector.

The PIA sets the fiscal terms for Nigeria's upstream sector through the energy transition years. After a tumultuous 18 months, legislators decided that more radical surgery was needed to save Nigeria from a bleak future of upstream decline. What they have delivered is both remarkable and necessary.

Remarkable, because in no other jurisdiction has there been such a major transfer of value to current lease holders in onshore and shallow water. It's a different story in deepwater though, where most contractors are still to renegotiate their terms.

Necessary, because Nigeria is awash with underinvested assets. Unless something is done quickly, greenhouse gas emissions and access to capital will become an even bigger risk than they are currently.

Please join us for our webinar where we discuss the key fiscal impacts of the PIA, and debate:

  • Whether the changes are enough to attract much-needed investment into Nigeria through the energy transition
  • If the PIA will help Nigeria’s transition towards gas
  • How the changes will impact Nigeria’s corporate landscape



  • Femi Oso, Director, Middle East & Africa Upstream
  • Gail Anderson, Director, Sub-Saharan Africa Upstream
  • Graham Kellas, Senior Vice President, Global Fiscal Research
  • Adam Pollard, Principal Analyst, Africa Energy Transition