Webinar | China, Japan, and South Korea – do carbon neutral goals mean the end of the world as we know it?

The webinar was recorded on 30 November 2020 when Wood Mackenzie Asia Pacific Research Team presented their latest findings on China, Japan and South Korea carbon neutral scenarios.

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Global expectations for action on climate change in Asia have soared since China announced a 2060 carbon neutrality target on September 22 this year, which was followed by 2050 targets from South Korea and Japan in October. In this webinar, Wood Mackenzie experts discussed how these targets impact current outlooks for the energy and power sectors, and review key trends and signposts going ahead: 

  • An updated outlook for the energy and power mix in 2050-60 for China, Japan and South Korea, and how this differs from recent outlooks and the situation today
  • Analysis of the cost of renewable technologies in each country to 2050, competitiveness with fossil fuels, and how this will impact the energy transition
  • Discussion on the challenges, technologies, policies and investments that would be needed to reach these ambitious carbon neutrality targets


Wood Mackenzie speakers:

Alex Whitworth, Head of Asia Pacific Power and Renewables Research

Prakash Sharma, Head of Markets & Transitions, Asia Pacific

Frank Yu, Principal Consultant, China Power Market

Joshua Allsop, Asia Pacific Energy Transition Sales Lead (Moderator)