Japan's E&Ps: structural change and the road ahead

They are a material, often unheralded, part of the upstream industry, producing 1.6 million boe/d. But, the energy transition and declining domestic demand has forced Japan’s upstream companies to review their strategies.

Japanese explorers and producers face a tough choice: to grow or to exit the sector entirely?

Join Asia Pacific Research Director Angus Rodger and Upstream Research Associate Zixin Goh as they examine the road ahead for Japanese E&Ps.

Join our webinar and find out:

  1. Who’s who in Japan’s upstream sector?
  2. What are their changing priorities, and what challenges do they face?
  3. How do the priorities of Japan’s trading houses differ from those of integrated companies and LNG players?
  4. What are the options for growth?
  5. Is now the time to buy, or to sell?