Webinar | The Future of Exploration 2022

Are we witnessing a re-emergence of exploration? Is the exploration industry finding new advantaged resources, creating value and improving security of supply? Can the Majors and other explorers play a role in decarbonisation and help transform the way we power the planet?

We put these and many other questions to exploration leaders and professionals around the world. Our survey reveals the key challenges the industry is facing, which explorers stand out from the pack and the role of exploration in today’s energy company.

Join us on 4 May to hear us discuss the results of the The Future of Exploration survey 2022, the sector’s biggest challenges, and our view on the future role of exploration.


  • Andrew Latham, Vice President, Energy Research
  • David Parkinson, Vice President, Upstream Consulting
  • Adam Wilson, Senior Research Analyst, Exploration Service