Webinar | The Top 5 EV Automakers' Race to Electrification

Policies of net-zero are transforming the global landscape. Transport is one of the largest contributors to emissions as well as one of the low-hanging fruits. Countries accounting for over 50% of global car sales and automakers representing 80% of global sales have expressed a desire to be carbon neutral, and many have laid out concrete plans. With new supply chains and new dependencies, traditional OEMs are innovating their business models. The stage seems to be set for an overhaul of road transport, but with OEMs making flashy EV announcements frequently, the question of how, when, where, and who is a subject of frequent debate.

Join us on July 14th as Prachi Mehta, Senior Analyst for Wood Mackenzie’s EV service dives deeper into the WoodMac projected Top 5 EV automakers and their race to electrification:

  • What is driving the race to electrification? Who’s doing what and who will lead the charge?
  • How do the top automakers compare on their EV sales strategy and regional focus? What are they doing to differentiate themselves?
  • To what extent will the automakers reach their targets, and how will it impact longer-term EV adoption? What are the risks and constraints to meeting these targets?