Webinar | French nuclear eases the pain of coronavirus-hit power markets in Europe

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Assessing the role and sensitivities of nuclear curtailments in the rebalancing of major European power markets

Power supply from the EDF's nuclear fleet in France will be severely curtailed during 2020 as maintenance activities are rescheduled to accommodate safe working practices and operations are optimised to ensure that enough fuel is available for next winter. Constraints are expected to continue through 2021 and 2022.

The scale and low marginal cost of its nuclear generators and France's interconnection with neighbouring systems positions the market as a major influence across North West and Southern European power. France's weakened market balance will have implications for its neighbours.

Join us on Thursday, 28 May for a webinar as we explore the significance of French nuclear’s roll in European power markets, the sensitives of rebalanced supply mixes, power price implications, and potential alternative outcomes.