Webinar: What oil supply is at risk of shut in?

About the Webinar

During the last downturn in 2015/16 supply was relatively unaffected. Even the highest cost wedges kept producing; the associated shut-in costs were deemed too high. But prices only dipped below US$45/bbl for a year, and below US$35/bbl for one quarter. Storage levels were of less concern.

There is no precedent for the scale of potential shut-ins for today’s asset classes, if oil prices remain low for a prolonged period. The industry’s ability to keep higher-cost barrels flowing is being severely tested. This downturn, there could be a significant impact on currently producing fields as well as future supply.

Attend this webinar to hear a discussion on:

  • How low can the price go before production becomes uneconomic?
  • Where are production shut-ins most likely? What are the alternatives?
  • US Storage: Cushing is a barometer for the crisis. How much storage space is left, how quickly will it fill, what else could buy time?



Ed Crooks, Vice - Chairman, Americas
Fraser McKay, Vice President, Head of Upstream Analysis
Linda HteinSenior Research Manager, Lower 48 Upstream Oil and Gas
John Coleman, Principal Analyst, North American Crude Markets