Webinar | Survival Mode: How has the landscape shifted for the North American crude market?

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North America has faced logistical challenges in moving its growing supply of crude oil to the refinery demand centers. The resolution of these logistical bottlenecks will change freight costs, pricing differentials and crude oil flows.

Join John Coleman, Principal Research Analyst of North American Crude Oil Markets at Wood Mackenzie and Hillary Stevenson, Director of Oil Markets at Genscape as they examine how the landscape has shifted for the North American crude market.

Join our webinar and find out:

  1. What is the outlook for US production in a sub $30/bbl price environment? How is production responding to the price collapse in real-time?
  2. How will US export barrels compete and what could this entail for domestic storage and inland infrastructure? How will this impact regional storage in Midland and legacy Permian long-haul systems?
  3. Cushing in crisis? How much space is left and how close will levels get to ‘tank tops’