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Explore upstream data anytime, anywhere

Keep comprehensive data, charts and cost breakdowns of more than 250,000 assets at your fingertips. Whether you’re browsing fields and blocks or reading more about specific assets, the WoodMac Explorer app enables you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

The WoodMac Explorer app is only available to existing subscribers of the Upstream Data Tool

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Global intelligence at your fingertips

Search for assets

Search for assets quickly and easily

Search our database of more than 250,000 assets to find more information on any discovered field, licensed block, E&A well or transport system.

Be flexible with your working

Access the same data, features and functionality on both iPhone and iPad. Find the WoodMac Explorer app in the iTunes App Store on your device. Only available for existing subscribers of the WoodMac Upstream Data Tool.

Download on the app store Apple app store

Contact our technical help desk if you have problems downloading the app. If you have forgotten your client login, our client support team can help. Unfortunately, we do not support Android, Windows or Blackberry devices.